Conversations About Culture: Ancient Pottery

Video by Portland State University Student Laurel Diciuccio

This workshop format combines aspects of museum exhibits and pottery classes, bringing the disciplines of art, history, and archaeology together to create an atmosphere of discovery learning that truly engages participants and provides them with a new perspective through firsthand experience.

I hope to impart to both workshop participants and online viewers new perspectives on humanity, culture and diversity. In-person workshop participants will have a tactile experience that connects them to past peoples and their material culture. The long term goal for future projects and workshops is to share archaeological knowledge with the public in a more accessible format and to share a fresh perspective on the sophistication and ingenuity of past peoples.

For this workshop, I chose to focus on Alaskan Inuit hunter-gatherers after participating in a research project involving an arctic artifact collection. I hope that through this workshop and subsequent research I can find ways to apply this to many regions, cultures, and histories within the United States and North America. I am currently working in collaboration with arts educators to develop a curriculum that can be used in public classroom settings nationwide.

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