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In Person Event Exhibitor Registration

We’re thrilled to announce that the Archaeology Roadshow will be hosting FOUR in-person events across Oregon in 2024: Portland, Central Oregon, Harney County, and The Dalles.

If you have joined us as an exhibitor before, please join us again at one or more of the venues. If you’re a first-timer, welcome! As always, the Archaeology Roadshow will be a great way for organizations and individuals to share their passion and knowledge about archaeology and heritage with a diverse public.

This year’s theme is The Archaeology of Food, highlighting the universal importance of food to the human story of all times and places. We encourage you to consider this theme in your own exhibit planning, but promise– this is only a suggestion.


2024 Event Dates:

Portland on PSU Campus – Saturday, May 11th- this event has been canceled – please see note on our homepage – www.archaeologyroadshow.org
Central Oregon at the Deschutes Historical Museum – Saturday, June 1st – This is a Date Change
Harney County at Hines Park – Saturday, June 22nd
The Dalles at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center – Saturday, Nov. 23rd

Questions?   Please contact us at archshow@pdx.edu

Portland Exhibitor Registration

Central Oregon Exhibitor Registration

Central Oregon Volunteer Registration

Harney County Exhibitor Registration

The Dalles Exhibitor Registration

The Roadshow supports activities that convey what we can learn from archaeology, how it contributes to a broader understanding of our place in the world today, why we need to protect it, and the deep connections archaeology and heritage have to Indigenous people and other descendant populations.

Virtual Exhibits

We also want to continue adding content to our website in the form of virtual exhibits created by you, our community partners. These exhibits could showcase what your organization does or has accomplished in support of heritage in our state. They could be blogs, short videos, downloadable activities for children, etc., that show ways heritage matters to the public.

If you would like to submit a Virtual Exhibit please contact us at archshow@pdx.edu

Please review the “Best Practices Guide” to help you create a virtual exhibit that tells “your story” in the most effective way possible.

Also visit archaeologyroadshow.org/oregon-archaeology-exhibits/ to refresh your memory and spark ideas.

Questions?   Please contact us at archshow@pdx.edu