Ship: Wrecked – A Choose Your Own Adventure Book!

Created by Portland State University Students Ceilidh Wolfe and Madison Hill

Ship: Wrecked is a choose your own adventure story based on the mystery of the Beeswax Wreck project! Download it as a pdf, or print and put together your own booklet. Recommended for children 9+ due to some spooky scenes. All sources mentioned within this book will lead you to real archaeologists, projects, and ideals of ethics in archaeology! Check out the Afterword page for resources to learn more about the Beeswax Wreck mystery, and more community archaeology near you. Happy choosing!

Thank you so much for coming on this adventure with us! We hope that exploring our story has been a fun way to learn about the options you have if YOU ever discover an artifact. Archaeologists do their best to be stewards of the historical record, which means communicating with descendant communities about archaeological sites, and striving to be respectful and collaborative. Every one of us is a steward of the archaeological record, and that includes you,
Ship: Wrecked is based on the Beeswax Wreck Project; the ship from the Beeswax wreck has yet to be found, but artifacts have been washing ashore for hundreds of years. Pieces of beeswax, and thousands of sherds made of stone and ceramic have been collected, and many historical documents have been studied over the years in an attempt to piece together this mystery. There are oral histories from Clatsop descendant communities whose ancestors were survivors of the wreck. You can learn more about archaeology and the ongoing work on the Beeswax wreck here:

Resources and Fun Things To Check Out!
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Meet The Authors of Ship: Wrecked

Ceilidh Wolfe, PSU Anthropology student. Contact me at with any feedback!
Madison Hill, PSU Anthropology student